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Excuses, Excuses, Why People Put off Buying or Reviewing Their Life Insurance Policies, Part 5

By Ralph R. Dickinson

“Why would I want to leave money for my Wife’s boyfriend?

Well, how do you respond to this? I could simply say, “What a selfish SOB, you don’t care about your family at all, do you?” But a statement like that from me would be worse that the objection. I would very likely lose the opportunity to gain his trust and convince him to think differently.

Life Insurance is there to make a way for your family to maintain the same lifestyle they had while you were alive. It is not to be used as a slush fund for a future significant other! It amazes me that some husbands and even some wives think so little of their spouse’ decision making processes if one of them were to pass away. This to the extent of rolling the proverbial dice of financial destruction. Just because of superstition, or a lack of faith in their loved ones to make the right decisions in the wake of their death.

Also, Life Insurance policies can be set up as a structured payout when they are taken out or at any time before death, to satisfy the leery so-to-speak. The Bottom line, there is no reason to not have at least have “Some” Life Insurance in force to aid your family in their time of need.

Preparing for your family’s needs in the event you are no longer here to provide for them is a task that should not be procrastinated on. Regardless of your current position, financial or otherwise, there are many who depend on you. Our responsibility to leave our children and other loved ones well cared for never goes away. Life Insurance, especially Term Life Insurance, is one of the least expensive ways to create the instant estate and provide financial security for the ones you love.

Choosing a Life Insurance Policy that fits your needs, life situation, and budget is a pretty easy task. Contact us now through our free Life Insurance Quoter.

Excuses, Excuses, Why People Put off Buying or Reviewing Their Life Insurance Policies, Part 4

By Ralph R. Dickinson

“Why Should I Invest in a Personal Term Life Insurance Policy, it seems like a waste of money?

Bottom line is, if you are the primary breadwinner or the homemaker in your household, the loss of either of you could severely distress the financial security of your loved ones, such as:
The Lifestyle that your family is accustomed too
Whether the mortgage or rent payment could be paid
College Plans for Your Children or Grand Children
Consumer Debt or Car Loans currently owed
Whether your spouse will have to work or take on another job
Severely affect your share of household duties
Replacing childcare that the homemaker provided
Devastating to your Finances
Additional Expenditures for childcare, food preparation etc.
The Mental Instability caused by the loss and assumed financial stress

A Personal Life Insurance Policy at its core is intended to replace the income of the Breadwinner if proceeds are invested properly. Life Insurance cannot replace your family’s loss but it can replace the income and/or the household services that the family member provided.

At best Life Insurance paid to beneficiaries can be structured into a lifetime income. At the very least it can and should provide debt freedom to the loved ones left behind.

These are all concepts that are great reasons for you to think about purchasing a life insurance policy.  Need a Quote you NOW!